Clean Up

Butterfly Beach, close to our place, close to our heart

Our ethos is to always give back and to look after this special place.

Anouk and Lenny, Butterfly beach
Make this world a better place,
start with yourself!

This is Butterfly Beach, close to our place, close to our heart.

Jungle Melody is not just a place to hang out and have fun, we stand for a brighter and more naturally sustainable future.

Environmental pollution is a huge problem in India. That is why we are organising workshops to generate more awareness about the beauty of nature and its precarious balance. We will also explain what we all can do ourselves to contribute to decreasing the current climate problem. In this way we hope to create more awareness and reduce the environmental pollution. We organise these workshops for tourists and locals alike.

Let’s keep the beach clean together
Actions speak louder than words…

…so we have done a few beach clean ups at our beloved Butterfly Beach. Unfortunately these clean ups are very needed, the amount of rubbish and garbage we collected in one day is frightening. We hope by joining hands with the local officials and population that we can work together in realising that sustainable ecotourism is the (only!) future.

Do you want to contribute or do you want to share your ideas on how to make a positive impact on our direct environment? We’d love to hear from you.