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There’s been no lack of kind souls supporting us with their skills and we have through the years had the privilege of having a huge selection of amazing people offering us their tireless energy and enthusiasm which has helped shape us to the where we are today.

We have been honoured to have had them all in our lives. We love what we do! And we continue to feel humbled and delighted by the incredible people that have come and that have left us with a bit of their hearts and taken a small piece of ours in return.

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Do our mission and ambition speak to you? Are you a fun loving, kind natured, hard working and open minded spirit and do you want to support us in making Jungle Melody an even more beautiful place? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch!

By working with local products and local employees we want to stimulate the local economy.
For all this we need money. So we need your help! Did you always think about contributing to a better world, but never had any specific ideas?  This is your chance!

With your contribution we can make our dream come true. Any amount is welcome, because we can do something important for our project with every amount and will be so thankful. But we want to do this project together with you. That’s why we will give something back for every donation.


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